The Perfect AIRTIGHT ‘SEAL’ Seminar Tour 2018

ecological build systems

Optimum Energy Efficiency, Freedom from Structural Damage and Healthy Living within UK Construction.

LONDON – Thursday 18th October 2018

VENUE: The Building Centre
26 Store Street, Fitzrovia, London, WC1E 7BT

09.00 Registration & Refreshments
09:30 Opening address
Simon Corbey Simon Corbey
Associate Director, The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)
  Simon is a Chartered Surveyor, with a Masters in Architecture; Advanced Energy and Environmental Systems from UEL/CAT with a thesis on the BedZED lessons. He worked at Construction Resources (London’s first green building store); BioRegional, based at BedZed, where his duties included a LCA of B&Qs product range and setting up One Planet Products. Simon has worked under the umbrella organisation of the Sustainable Development Foundation, initially working for the Good Homes Alliance and now working for the ASBP to enable real change in the industry and help deliver low carbon healthy buildings.
09.40 The value of tested products, principles, standards and safety in British construction
The role of the BBA and developments in regulatory guidance, standards and specifications.
Jon Denyer Jon Denyer
Senior Scientist, Technical Excellence Team, BBA
  Jon Denyer is a physicist with over 30 years’ experience in the assessment and evaluation of construction products and systems and their compliance with national building regulations, in particular thermal insulation products and systems. He is active in a number of UK and European standardisation committees responsible for specification and design standards in the area of thermal and hygrothermal performance of construction products, systems and buildings. Currently part of the BBA’s Technical Excellence Team the UK’s leading Certification body for construction products and systems, he is engaged in developing technical excellence across the company and supporting technical decisions.
10.30 What is Intelligent Airtightness?
The role of intelligent airtight membranes in protecting buildings against mould and structural damage.
Michael Foerster Michael Foerster
Engineer Head of Applications Technology, pro clima
  Michael Foerster has been lead technical engineer with pro clima for more than 10 years. He provides input to various technical and standards committees with a particular focus on air and windtightness membranes, tapes and durable sealing solutions. Michael has also published a number of building physics technical papers for pro clima. He combines practical construction applications with extensive specialist knowledge with a focus on cost-effectiveness. He is Head of Applications Technology and Quality Assurance at pro clima, and also has civil engineering and business administration qualification. Michael is also a qualified carpenter.
11.00 Refreshments & Practical Airtightness Installation Demonstration by Roman Szypura
Roman Roman Szypura
  Born in Germany, Roman undertook a 3 year apprenticeship as a joiner; he then worked for various companies as a carpenter, joiner, airtightness and insulation installer before becoming a freelance craftsman. His primary focus has always been on airtightness, natural insulation (mainly cellulose) and healthy energy efficient building. He moved to Sligo, in 2007 and founded Clíoma House Ltd which provides a full consultancy for Timberframe Passive Houses and installation service for airtightness and natural insulation. He has achieved airtightness results as low as an N50 of 0.087ACH.
11.15 The Airtightness Challenge – from specification to site
Ensuring an airtightness specification and ensuring it is executed on site.
Niall Crosson Niall Crosson (Eng.Sc. BTech, MIEI, CEPHC) 
Group Technical Manager, Ecological Building Systems
  Niall holds a degree as a Bachelor of Technology (1st class Hons.) and a Masters Eng. Sc. He is also a Certified Passivhaus Consultant. He is a member of the Board of Directors of the Irish Green Building Council and provides guidance on a number of national standard committees. He has provided guidance to many awards winning low energy projects in Ireland and the UK. He has also co- authored and authored chapters for a number of low energy building publications including The Passivhaus Handbook and The Passivhaus Designers Manual. Niall also provides regular technical contributions to a number of construction publications including The Journal of the Royal Institute of Architects of Ireland
11.45 To stick or not to stick?
How long will airtightness tapes last and how do they take into account the climate conditions on site in the UK.
Michael Foerster Michael Foerster
Engineer Head of Applications Technology, pro clima
12.15 Lunch & Practical Airtightness Installation Demonstration by Roman Szypura
13.00 What is Hydrosafe Technology and what does it mean for construction in the UK?
An introduction to ‘Hydrosafe’ Technology in membranes and how pro clima INTELLO increases safety against condensation and moisture within the building envelope.
Michael Foerster Michael Foerster
Engineer Head of Applications Technology, pro clima
13:30 Airtightness Strategy, Application and Testing – experiences from site
A joint presentation from the perspectives of both a Passivhaus airtightness technician and a low energy building contractor will run through their experience designing, applying and testing the airtightness boundary on site to ensure high levels of airtightness are achieved.
Patrick Chester Patrick Chester
Project Manager & Passivhaus Consultant Enhabit
  Patrick is a certified Passivhaus consultant and lead airtightness and MVHR technician at Enhabit. He conducts forensic and compliance airtightness testing for Passivhaus and EnerPHit residential properties across the UK, including one of the largest multi-residential Passivhaus projects to date.
Ioan Sulea Ioan Sulea
Founder & Director Oasis Construction London
  Ioan Sulea began his career in Italy when he was 18 years old. Working on low energy, high value construction projects, he successfully led teams across the UK and overseas. His passion for construction continues to grow with each new project.He has worked on numerous Passivhaus, EnerPHit and AECB Silver residential retrofit and new build projects across the UK, all with a focus on thermal performance, airtightness, health and comfort. His vision is to create higher quality living spaces at a low impact to the environment.
14:00 Maximise energy performance and reduce condensation risk
The role of vapour permeable roofing membranes in maximising thermal performance and reducing condensation risk.
Jon Denyer Jon Denyer
Senior Scientist, Technical Excellence Team, BBA
14:30 What lies beneath?
An analysis of the weather tightness and durability of aged roofing membranes
Michael Foerster Michael Foerster
Engineer Head of Applications Technology, pro clima
15:00 Refreshments & Practical Airtightness Installation Demonstration
15:15 Putting People First
Airtightness & Indoor Air Quality – Improving airtightness and maintaining a healthy indoor living environment
Niall Crosson Niall Crosson (M.Eng.Sc. BTech, MIEI, CEPHC)
Group Technical Manager, Ecological Building Systems
15.45 Keynote Speaker Summary & Round Table Discussion
Simon Corbey Simon Corbey
Associate Director, The Alliance for Sustainable Building Products (ASBP)
16:15 Conclusions
16:30 Close


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